In Brazil, side–by–side comparisons of Africanized honeybees and the native honeybees have shown that the Africanized...

Devin on May 25 at 08:24PM

uhhh what?

This question is completely messed up - in some discussions folks are saying C is correct, Emil in one said D is correct but then when I clicked D it said C was correct. I know for a FACT C is not correct given it HAS NOTHING to do with honeyBee production. Someone needs to take a look at this question and have it fixed.

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Emil on May 26 at 05:47PM

Hi, C is indeed correct, and I should have been more clear in my other post. I stated that D weakens the argument and C does not. I didn't explicitly state that that makes C correct and D incorrect. As you noted, c is more or was irrelevant. That is the correct answer because of the except. We are looking for the answer that does not impact the argument, which is C