The best way to write a good detective story is to work backward from the crime. The writer should first decide what ...

Devin on May 26 at 09:05PM


Greetings! Would love a breakdown of this one! Thank you!

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Emil on May 29 at 11:47PM

Oh fun: illustrate the principle questions are some of the most creative but also frustrating questions. Our job is to describe the overall, underlying situation, and then to find a situation that also meets that description.

In this case I would describe the passage as follows: the best way is to start with the end/goal/outcome in mind and work around that end.

Looking at the answer choices, none of them immediately match my anticipation, but I'd look more at A and E. In A, we need to start with one kind of planning instead of another, but the thing we need to start wit(is the method, not the actual goal or outcome.

For E, the thing we need to start with is the goal, the outcome of the shot, and so E is the best option.

Devin on June 2 at 12:13AM

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who "loves" these! Thank you.