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La'Shawn on June 2 at 03:33PM

Help Negating Answer Choice D

“Helpful warnings given to a driver in a difficult driving situation are as likely to distract the driver as to help the driver in controlling the car.” How do I negate this answer choice? I don’t understand the explanation for this answer and I believe this is due to not being able to negate this correctly. Thank you!

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Emil on June 4 at 08:45PM

Hi, in general, I would try to negate by stating "it is not the case that X."

Here, that would look like "it's not the case that warnings in given to drivers in tough situations are as likely to distract them as to help them" or, "warnings are not more likely to distract than to help"

La'Shawn on June 5 at 08:26PM

Ok. This makes sense. Thank you for the tip.