The makers of Activite, a natural dietary supplement, claim that it promotes energy and mental alertness. To back up ...

Trey on June 2 at 03:44PM

Why is D not incorrect?

My thought process concerning this answer was that, although a hefty handling fee could generate additional revenue for the company, the answer doesn't specify whether the handling fee is large enough to cover the costs of producing the free samples. Does this answer assume that the handling fee is enough to generate a profit? What am I missing?

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Emil on June 4 at 08:41PM

Hi, for a weakener, the right answer doesn't have to completely demolish the argument, it just has to weaken it. Here, if it were true that the handling fee is a revenue source for the company, that would give us a reason to doubt the idea that it is not in the company's interest.

While we don't know if the fee is turning a profit, it certainly would at least partly mitigate losses, which weakens the argument.