Two things are true of all immoral actions. First, if they are performed in public, they offend public sensibilities....

Nativeguy on June 13, 2023

Further explanation please

We do not know anything about actions that are not performed in public. The stimulus only mentions Actions that are Performed in public. Unfortunately for me I had already ruled this one out. Please help me better understand

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Emil-Kunkin on June 14, 2023

Hi, we know that all immoral actions must be accompanied by guilt. This applies to public ones, private ones, ones on the moon, ones underground, ones with a cat, ones with a bat, and one with green eggs and ham. This is always the case. So, it must be impossible for an immoral act to not be accompanied by guilt. The fact that it is not in public is irrelevant here.

Nativeguy on June 19, 2023

Thank you so much Emil, I have been trying to type thank you on all your comments but some do not allow me to comment back !! Just know I really appreciate your replies.