Which one of the following best states the main idea of the passage?

Nativeguy on June 24 at 05:30PM

How is the answer C

This answer seems way to narrow in my opinion, the whole passage was not just about spiders. It talked about the implications of each theory, differences, origin, application, similarities as well gave examples using many species and how those particular theories applied to each species, yes they may have covered spiders a little more in depth but im not understanding how this is the main central idea of why the author wrote the passage, because its not just about spiders. Please help me understand.

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Emil-Kunkin on June 27 at 12:14AM

Hi, I do agree that in my gut C does feel a tad narrow, but ultimately the vast majority of the passage was about the spiders. I would describe the setup of the passage as follows: the author sets out the classic theory of behavior, presents a case that the classic theory can't explain, and then goes on to introduce in depth a new theory that can explain that example. With this broad summary I think the idea that the new theory is better at explaining this one case might not be a bad summation of the authors point.