Which one of the following best describes the main point of the passage?

JessieWhite on June 26, 2023

Why is it E and not A

Hello, I do not understand why the answer is not A. I get why E may possibly have some standing; however, it does not feel as solid of an answer as A. A was specifically stated in the first paragraph and I feel as though E jumps through each of the other paragraphs rather than actually being the Main Point of the argument.

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sakshi_h on July 13, 2023


I also don't understand why the answer is not A. Can someone please explain? Thanks.

Emil-Kunkin on June 23 at 07:23PM

We are told in the first paraprapgh that the change that happened in the 70s is a shift in focus from the folklore to the people telling it- not a shift from men to women, a shift that seems to have been more recent. We are also told that there had been decent focus on women since 1903, but that more recent studies have been more focused on women.