A primary purpose of each of the passages is to

Nativeguy on July 10 at 12:38AM

How is the answer B

Both Passages discuss the environmental implications of drilling muds. As well the toxicity of certain drilling muds in particular Barite. It just seems to me that Answer B sales the passage short, the passage covers much more than this.

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Emil-Kunkin on July 11 at 02:04AM

I agree that B is deeply unsatisfying. It's a 10,000 foot view of both passages, but I also can't definitely say that it's wrong. For the other four answer choices I think we can say that they completely fail to describe at least one of the two passages, but at a high level, both of them do indeed do B. While it's not satisfying at all, I think we would have to come to B by process of elimination.

amoli078@fiu.edu on September 5 at 12:47AM

I narrowed this one down to B,C and E,. I was unable to cross out any and ultimately chose E. Can you elaborate on these three please

Emil-Kunkin on September 8 at 03:52PM

Hi, the issue with C is that neither passage really spends much time in the environmental impact of muds, we have one sentence about it in the first passage, and while it is mentioned in the second passage, the second passage is far more concerned with talking about the details of different types of muds.

The same goes for E. There is next to no mention of regulation, and none of the difficulties of regulation in the first passage. In order to be a primary purpose a topic must be one if, if not the only major concern in the passage. This is not true of the issues with regulation in either passage.