Which one of the following statements, if true, would most seriously undermine the author's suggestion about the use ...

grace1202 on July 11 at 02:45PM

Question Type

Hi! What is the question type for this question? I am having a difficult time with questions that are worded like this one.

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Emil-Kunkin on July 25 at 02:04AM

Hi, this is a weaken question, and we can treat is similarly how we would treat weaken questions in LR.

supreet1 on September 29 at 03:04AM

why not e

Emil-Kunkin on September 29 at 03:32PM

Hi, I think we get the authors view towards using current research in the courtroom in the third paragraph. They think that since inferential error often happens in predictable ways, using those known patterns can be a way for courts to mitigate the effects of inferential error.

E actually strengthens this view. E provides additional evidence that we can predict when inferential error will and will not be an issue, which was a core part of the authors view.