Experienced gardeners advise against planting snap peas after late April because peas do not develop properly in warm...

Chloe on July 11 at 08:31PM

A or B

I was stuck between A and B and eventually chose A because it mentioned ignoring expert opinions like in the stimulus. Can you explain why A is wrong?

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Emil-Kunkin on July 17 at 01:23AM

Let's take a look at the initial argument. In the initial argument, we are told that there is a general rule, don't do X for Y reason. However, we learn that in a specific instance, Y is no longer operative, so it should be fine to do X in this case.

A tells us that there is a general rule, don't plant to near because it will Likely hurt the taste. However, in one instance the taste wasn't hurt, so we can always ignore the general rule.

This is quite different from the initial argument. Initially we are told that the rule doesn't apply in this one case, not that we should throw the rule out entirely. Furthermore, the rule wasn't even disproven in A. The rule was simply that something is likely to be bad. One instance in which that fails to happen isn't actually a problem for a rule that's phrased so weakly.

B is a perfect match for the original argument. We are told we shouldn't place in the south because of direct sunlight. However, in this one instance, the south doesn't get direct sunlight, so it's probably ok to place them in the south in this case.