The author of the passage mentions Galápagos tortoises in the first paragraph most likely in order to

Michael on July 12 at 02:24AM

Explain answer choices

Can you explain all of the answer choices, please?

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Emil on July 26 at 12:30AM

Sure! In the first paragraph, the author lays out the traditional theory, that species use a method of play fighting that is more or less the same for each instance. The Galapagos tortoise is an example of one such species' behavior.

A is wrong because we have no idea how many species use this display, and the traditional theory doesn't tell us anything about the number of species that use each kind of display.

B is wrong because the author never tells us that some but not all species use this, and that is not how the tortoise example plays into the passage.

C is wrong because this doesn't serve as evidence for such a claim but rather, it illustrates what the theory in general is talking about.

D is wrong because we don't know that it's unique to the tortoise

E is correct since it's an example that illustrates the traditional theory.