Essayist: It is much less difficult to live an enjoyable life if one is able to make lifestyle choices that accord w...

Caden on July 17 at 12:12PM

C vs D

Hi, I am confused why C is correct and D is not. I understand they are dealing with the same topic, but that one is a sufficient condition and the other a necessary condition. For a key takeaway, on Strengthen principle questions, should I pick principle answer choices that are always sufficient conditions or was this just applicable only to this specific circumstance? Thanks!

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Emil-Kunkin on July 26 at 12:54AM

I don't think this has to do with sufficient or necessary conditions. It's subtle, but D is talking about a completely different thing. Nowhere in the argument do we learn about people who are dependent on having friends with similar beliefs. We know that having it makes it easier but Thea regiment tells us nothing about people who are partly dependent on such a thing. So, how could an answer choice about those people strengthen this argument?