Which one of the following most accurately states the main idea of the passage?

Suzie on July 19 at 02:23PM

Why not E?

I chose E and am finding it difficult to see why it is wrong.

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Emil on July 19 at 07:22PM

Hi, I think the main issue with E is that the tribes in question aren't exactly sidestepping the apparent contradiction, but rather they are choosing a side and opting to use writing- that is, they are barging right on through that apparent contradiction.

on October 8 at 07:32PM

Where in the passage is D supported? The passages says that they are addressing the problems, not that they have developed or are developing programs. I don't see the mention of any programs, just what is required to preserve oral history.

Emil on October 9 at 12:48PM

I think the last sentence of the first paragraph is the most explicit reference. I was also a little surprised when I read d, as I also expected it to focus more on the difficulties involved with preservation. However I can't directly show that d is wrong, and we can dispute all of the other answer choices.