According to the passage, the court's decision in the 1991 case was based on which one of the following?

Nativeguy on July 26 at 02:33PM

Why not A or B

. It defies common sense to define 'traditional' in such (55) a way that only those traditions that were exercised . during a comparatively short period in history could . qualify as 'traditional.'" Items that where considered traditional where items that where also considered long standing. Please help me understand how E is correct. This answer almost seems misleading

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Emil-Kunkin on August 5 at 12:24AM

Hi, the part about the 91 case tells us that the ruling was based on testimony that showed what happened before the occupation by Russia. This is testimony about a historical fact, which supports e.

This is also expanding the definition of long standing rather than narrowing it, so the opposite of A.

As to b, the cause opts to abandon the criterion for living memory as overly narrow, not to redefine the term.