Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main idea of the passage?

Grace on July 26 at 08:51PM

Why "indirect" evidence

I was so close to choosing C on this but ultimately eliminated it because I did not view the experimental evidence that the researchers obtained as "indirect". Can an instructor explain why this evidence is indirect and why A is incorrect? Thanks!

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Emil on August 5 at 12:32AM

This one took a few reads over, but I think that the evidence in the experiment only shows that oscillation occurred, not that they have mass. That is, it proved that oscillation, which shows that they do have mass, occurs. This in turns shows that they do have mass, but it needs the intermediate step of showing the oscillation occurred.

Emil on August 5 at 12:33AM

I think a is wrong because it's missing the part about neutrinos which is important, and a major part of the passage.