Which one of the following could be the meeting schedule for mornings and afternoons, in order from Wednesday through...

Bola on August 11 at 11:32AM


I dont understand the GK or G-K Rule. Scenario C placed G on Friday morning and says K must be Thurs Afternoon. Why cant K be on Wed Afternoon? Scenario D also, I understand that if G is on Friday, K cant be on Wed morning, cause that will be more than one meeting between them. My question is why cant K go with J on thursday morning. Also, why is that it is only in scenario 2 that we have 2 variables in a slot?

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Emil-Kunkin on August 14 at 07:32PM

Hi, we are only allowed to have one person per slot, so K and J can't go together in the same slot.

The G K rule tells us that G and K have to stay near each other. We must have them either directly next to each other, or separated by exactly one person. So, if we put g on Friday morning, then K either has to be on Friday afternoon or Thursday afternoon. If K is on wed afternoon, there will be two people between them, one of H and L, and J who must be before G.