Which one of the following could be the assignment of volunteers for Friday and Saturday?

Bola on August 20 at 10:11PM

Section 4 Q 18

Why cant A be the correct answer. Since we have 3 slots available for P, Q; either P or Q can appear twice and the other appear once which does not violate any rule.

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Emil-Kunkin on August 24 at 12:13AM

The first rule tells us that nobody words every day. In A, this would ban M L and N from working on the first day, so we wouldn't have enough people to fill it up. We only would have pq available, and we need three per day.

Lisam on December 21 at 04:52AM

Why cant it be A? Couldn't P go twice Thursday?

Emil-Kunkin on December 24 at 05:52PM

Nope, this would violate the condition that exactly three people work each day.