Which one of the following best expresses the main idea of the passage?

brooklyn28lamie on August 21 at 05:44PM

Reading Comp- Details in Answer Choices

I'm confused as to, in question 1 of this section asking about the main point of the article about juries, answer #1 is correct? It seemed right to me upon first read, but then I noticed that the answer specifically is speaking about predictable situations, and I don't see where this information is listed in the passage. From the first paragraph, I assumed it would be the opposite, with UNpredictable situations leading to the jury being more likely to make inferential errors...

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Emil-Kunkin on August 27 at 03:56PM

Hi, I would look to the third paragraph for that info. The passage does tell us that there are predictable situation in which inferential errors are more common, which is a big part of why and how the author thinks we may be able to help mitigate the issue.

jackvassau on September 4 at 08:58PM

Are there answer explanations for each question? These passage explanations, etc., were mentioned in the training videos.