The level of triglycerides in the blood rises when triglycerides are inadequately metabolized. Research shows that pa...

Dalton on August 21 at 08:01PM

Strength of the Conclusion

Does the conclusion read like: "Because consuming large amounts of fat, processed sugar, or alcohol increase triglyceride levels in the blood, they are likely a factor causing heart disease." because the premises in the argument focus on triglycerides and the correlation with heart disease? As opposed to the conclusion reading more like: "Thus, it is likely that consuming large amounts of fat, processed sugar, or alcohol is a factor in causing heart disease," and viewing the increased triglyceride levels as a mere fact of fat, processed sugar and alcohol and not necessarily the cause of heart disease. Thanks for the help!

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Emil-Kunkin on August 27 at 04:06PM

Hi, the conclusion is that eating the unhealthy foods increases triglycerides, which in turn is therefore likely a cause of heart disease. The second part that you pasted in is in fact the conclusion, and the author thinks that the causal pathway by which the foods impact heart disease is by way of triglycerides.