All of the following are similarities between Beethoven and Schoenberg that the author alludes to EXCEPT:

Maeve on August 26 at 07:03PM

Answer Choice B

Hi! I determined B to be incorrect because of the last sentence: "Some of [Schoenberg's] work remains disturbing not because it is incoherent, shrill, and ear-splitting, but because it unflinchingly faces difficult truths." Where in the passage does it say the Schoenberg's work is incoherent, shrill, and chaotic?Thank you!

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Emil on August 27 at 05:02PM

I would certainly look to the first lines of the passage for support that some people found both of their work to be shrill, chaotic, and incoherent. The question isn't wether the author thinks they are, but whether the author thinks that some listeners regard them as such, and the first two paragraphs clearly support the idea that some listeners regard them as shrill, incoherent, and chaotic.