It can be inferred that the author of passage B would be likely to be most skeptical of which one of the following id...

Maeve on August 26 at 07:15PM

Can we assume that the answer choices listed in these types of questions are mentioned in passage A?

In typical inference questions, we have to "fact-check" the information. In this question, I was debating between B and E, but ultimately chose E because I thought the language was too strong in B and the author of passage A never actually said "Positive evidence plays NO ROLE in supporting a theory." That made me think... are all of the answer options in this kind of question factually correct and we just have to see which the second author would be most skeptical of, or do we have to fact-check as well? If we do still need to fact-check, can you put me in the direction of the evidence in passage A that "Positive evidence plays no role in supporting a theory?" Thank you so much!

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Emil on August 29 at 10:40PM

Hi, we do need to make sure that A says the correct answer choice. The right answer here must satisfy two tests: a must say it, and b must be likely to disagree with it. Here, we are told that popper thought positive evidence had no role as evidence in line 8.