It can be reasonably inferred from the passage that the author's attitude is most favorable toward which one of the f... on September 4 at 07:09PM

All seem correct except A

Can someone please break down each answer choice?

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Emil-Kunkin on September 4 at 11:43PM

Hi, before we look at the answers, let's remember that the author did seem generally supportive of the downstate campaign.

A is not stated in the passage. We don't really know if they were altered.
B is directly contradicted by the passage. No new legislation was passed.
C does appear in the passage, but the author appears neutral about the relationship.
D is supported in the last paragraph. The two sentences starting at line 53 show that the author seems warmly disposed to how the campaign impacted public opinion and awareness.
E is not supported since we know little about the way in which the negotiations actually played out.