Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of the passage?

amoli078@fiu.edu on September 5 at 12:25AM

Clarification on why

I choose the correct answer but still was split with C, can someone further elaborate why C is wrong and A is right

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Emil-Kunkin on September 14 at 11:58PM

Hi, the passage as a whole is raising a series of issues with regulating the internet. It presents a number of related but non identical reasons why it is hard to properly regulate the internet, and the ways in which the internet posed a challenge to the typical model of sovereignty and law enforcement. This is a decent match for A.

As for C, c takes one part that the author mentioned in passing and misunderstands it. While the author did mention that people would respond negatively to efforts to ban the internet, we cannot extrapolate this to all possible forms of regulation.