Humans are supposedly rational: in other words, they have a capacity for well–considered thinking and behavior. This...

Alexis on September 6 at 02:53AM

further explanation on answer choice

I got the correct answer on my second try simply because I hadn't crossed it out. Although I can see where it could be right, I am having a very difficult time finding C wrong

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Emil on September 15 at 03:26PM

Hi, for flaw questions, the right answer needs to be both a logical flaw and something that the author did.

C is not a flaw. The argument is that since people do seemingly irrational things, they are not rational, and are thus not better than animals. For this argument it doesn't matter if animals also act irrationally. We are trying to prove that humans are no better than animals. This would be the case whether or not animals are rational. C would be relevant if we were trying to prove that humans are Worse than animals, but that's not what this is trying to prove.