Which one of the following could be the artifacts in the order of their age, from first to sixth?

Alexis on September 7 at 07:35PM

How to handle rule 3 with up front work

Instead of doing one master digram, once I got to p>h+n or h+n>p, I made two separate webs / maps and their equivalent diagrams with inferences EX P>h+n lead me to F/P_ _ _ _ _H/T h+n>P F/N/P _ _ _ _ T and their paired inferences like who cannot be in the middle slots.. I almost considering pairing off as it seemed almost guru-ish but thought I may have already taken too much time upfront I thought this was the sure approach and noticed the example didn't do this and instead just plugged in what could be inferred without the step of considering rule 3... Did I take too much time in my set doing this? was this unnecessary?

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Emil on September 15 at 04:17PM

This is a great example of experimentation. I think the only real answer to your question would be to see if it helped you in the questions. I would personally have probably not bothered with this approach, but that doesn't make it not valid! I would actually recommend redoing a game like this where you're uncertain if your setup was too much with a slimmer setup, and see which feels more right. Of course the second time around will feel easier, but the question to look at is which of the setups felt more natural as you go through the questions.