The author of the passage refers to The Dynamics of Folklore primarily in order to

Emily16 on September 14 at 02:17PM

Answer Choice Explanation

Hello, why is D incorrect and E correct?

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Emily16 on September 14 at 02:19PM

Im sorry why is the correct AC: suggest that there are some signs that women folk performers are gaining increased critical attention in the field of folklore Correct. and AC: present an example of the new emphasis in folklore studies on the performer rather than on the folklore incorrect?

Emil-Kunkin on September 19 at 02:11AM

@emily16 what preptest is this from? For some reason I can't see the question, it would be great if you could provide me with the preptest and section!

Emil-Kunkin on June 23 at 07:38PM

Ah I see it now. I think A is right because line 20 tells us that it is too early to tell, but one recent textbook gives examples of Women being more prominent. B is wrong because I dont think the author is trying to talk mostly about the focus on women here, rather than on the shift from folklore to folklorist in general.