Columnist: George Orwell's book 1984 has exercised much influence on a great number of this newspaper's readers. O...

Elizabeth on September 21 at 02:23AM

still not understanding how e is wrong

when there are surveys were are told to look for different things, one being if the people being surveyed are actually being honest in their responses. Here (e) gives room for the possibility of that. If that is the case and they lied about reading the books, then it would kill the argument that it had the most influence on their lives.

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Emil on September 27 at 01:09AM

I agree that misrepresentation is an issue for surveys, but here, I’m not sure if not having read those books would actually be a misrepresentation. The question asks which had the most influence on your life, and I think a book can have a huge influence on one’s life without having read it. People can be inspired the plot of a book they have only heard paraphrased. I’ve never read the christian bible, but as someone who lives in a western predominately Christian country, I think it’s fair to say the Bible has had a big influence on my life by shaping a large amount of American politics.

Elizabeth on September 29 at 03:15AM

Got it, makes a lot of sense when you break it down like that. thank you, Emil, for always bringing clarity!