If none of the six people orders pork chops, then which one of the following statements must be true?

fsiapno on October 1 at 06:45PM

why the answer is C and not E?

Hello, please explain why C is the right answer and not E? thanks!

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Emil-Kunkin on October 4 at 01:47AM

Hi, for this question, we eliminate P as an option. Since the three men can't share any entree, and none of them can have S, we know that the three men must have RTF. We also know that since L is the only one who can have T, L must have T and the other two must have either V or R. Also since O has R, N must have V, so that means J must have R.

So, we have determined 5/6 spots, and the only one undetermined is K, who can have any of T S or V. So we know for sure that L has T, but we don't know that any of the women must have T.