Which one of the following most accurately describes the author's position regarding the claims attributed to anthrop...

Shula on October 4 at 07:44PM

A vs B

For the author's tone questions like this one, there are usually two answer choices that are somewhat similar. In this case, I wasn't sure whether I should choose A or B. Overall, they both mean the author accepts/agrees with this viewpoint. Any tips?

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Emil-Kunkin on October 5 at 10:10PM

These pretty much always have the same five options: strong agree, weak agree, neutral, weak disagree, and strong disagree. These change a little given the modifier (e.g. the strong could be unqualified, enthusiastic, clear, etc) but generally speaking these will be the options. Once you determine if the author agrees or not, your job then is to see if you can prove the strong version. Here, nothing really points to a strong agreement in my mind, and if anything, I think the author is closer to true neutral than to strong agree (although line 44-9 are enough support to show that the author does seem to buy the idea), and since we cannot prove the agreement is strong, I would likely select B.