Editorial: When legislators discover that some public service is not being adequately provided, their most common r...

Shula on October 18 at 04:21AM


Could someone write a detailed explanation for the correct answer, including the conditionals diagramed out? I read the explanations under the correct answer choice, but it didn't make much sense to me. Thank you so much!

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Emil-Kunkin on October 22 at 04:49PM

Sure thing. While this isn't strict conditional logic, I think we can treat it as such.

The author start with the premise that if Discover bad public service, then likely boost funding

Or If DBS -> BF

And the conclusion is that worst bureaucracies = most likely to get more funding.

While this is a must be true question, our job here is almost identical to a necessary assumption question. We need to find an answer choice the author must agree with based on their argument.

There is a huge flaw here : the author seems to have assumed that the worst run bureaucracies are the ones in which legislators are most likely to discover poor public services. While this does seem to make sense, it certainly doesn't have to be true. However the author wrongly treats it as a given. Thus, the author has to believe those two things are effectively the same. This is what the right answer does, it shows that they go hand in hand.