Of every 100 burglar alarms police answer, 99 are false alarms. This situation causes an enormous and dangerous drain...

Megan on November 13 at 12:26PM

Why is C correct and A is incorrect?

I spent, genuinely, 20 minutes going back and forth between these answers, I even wrote out why I thought each was correct and how each could have been incorrect. I think I've gotten this question wrong before and I'm not sure what I'm missing. An explanation would be really helpful!

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Emil on November 28 at 03:13AM

The statement in question distinguishes car alarms from burglar alarms. Unlike car alarms, burglar alarms actually are effective as deterrents. This is a reason that home alarms are good, or at least serve some redeeming purpose.

A is incorrect because it is the opposite of what the sentence is doing. It does not justify restricting burglar alarms more than car alarms, it does the opposite. It is a reason why home alarms are actually effective, and why car alarms are ineffective.

C is right because the statement tells us why we cannot simply ban home alarms, since they do in fact serve some purpose and are effective in deterring crime. The ban is the obvious alternative to the fine mentioned in C.