If O lives on the fourth floor and P lives on the second floor, which one of the following must be true?

KiaBrodersen on November 22 at 04:26PM

How can we solve this one without having to draw out all the scenarios?

My past diagrams didn't really help in answering this question because none of them had O being on the 4th floor. Is there a quicker way to get to the solution of this one rather than drawing out every single scenario?

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Emil-Kunkin on November 28 at 03:06AM

When a question introduces a new condition like this one does, we should always play that scenario out. We are pretty much guaranteed to be able to make some inferences from it. Let's take a look if p is in 2 and o is in 4.

5 _ _
4 O _
3 _ _
2 P /
1 _ _

We know that K must be in 3, so that leaves only two fully open rows. Since both L and MN require full rows, we know that they are in either one or five. So we have

5 L/MN
4 O _
3 K _
2 P /
1 L/MN

This leaves only two spots for J and Q, and since q cannot go with o, we must put q in three and j in four.

KiaBrodersen on December 6 at 03:10PM

Thank you Emil!