Suppose the crew had cleaned Fourth Street on Tuesday afternoon instead of on Tuesday morning, but all other conditio...

KiaBrodersen on December 26 at 09:46PM

Could be False/Could be True

For this one, I got confused by the could be false question stem because I put it terms of true which is not necessarily true - but Answer B could be false but couldn't Answer B also be an answer on a could be true question because you have a 2/5 and a 5/2 binary on TH and F afternoon? Can you read the could be false in the same way as could be true? I'm not quite understanding the distinction

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Emil-Kunkin on December 27 at 12:42AM

Could be false and could be true are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it will often be the case that an answer choice could be either true or false. I think the best way to understand this is to think about it as follows:

Could be true includes any answer choice that can ever happen. It might be an answer choice that always happens, one that happens half of the time, or one percent of the time.

Could be false includes any answer choice that does not always have to happen. That is, it excludes anything that must be true, but includes everything else.

So I guess what I'm saying is that it doesn't matter if an answer choice could be true, as long as it could be false, which is what the question asks.

KiaBrodersen on December 28 at 08:03PM

Hi Emil,

Thank you for the explanation on this. I have a question unrelated to this game:

I took the December 2013 Prep test and scored a 159 on LawHub when I took it because they scored all four sections because at the time the test had four scored sections, but when I put it into LSATMax I get a 162 because it only scores 3 sections and the LR section that I did worse on happened to be the experimental so I got lucky. I just took the June 2014 - and got a 160 here (54/75 correct) on LSAT Max, but since at the time they were scoring all four sections I would've only received a 156 (65/101 correct) because I missed a significant amount on the labeled experimental section of this PT here. Im wondering how it's decided which section on here is the experimental since on the real test at the time the additional LR section was scored, and I'm wondering which score to base my progress on because a 160 is pretty different than a 156. On this test I received 11/26 on the "experimental" LR section but a 20/25 on the actual LR, however if this had been switched I would have only gotten 45 correct and received a 153. Can someone clarify this or provide advice on how to gauge how well I'm doing? Thanks

Emil-Kunkin on January 1 at 11:35PM

This is tricky, and the fact is there is no real right answer. When preptests before 90 we're released, the two LRs were scored, so the most accurate score is using both LRs. Neither were intended to be experimental, so the one that was retroactively (and I think this is from LSAC, not from us) determined to be experimental really is just the luck of the draw. If you desperately want one score to treat as real, I would use the one that counts both LRs.

However, I think this more speaks to the fact that one number isn't actually a good reflection of your skill, and that preptest scores are only really useful directionally. While a 156 and 160 are very different in terms of the score one applies with, they are absolutely both within your range it seems. Each preptest is just a snapshot of your range at a given point in time, and it seems like your range at this moment is likely mid-low 150s to the low 160s. On a good day, a preptest might be in the low 160s, or in the mid 150s on a less good day. I don't think it's particularly useful to stress about which of the two LRs is "real" because you're clearly capable of doing very well in Lr with -5, and it would be more important to tighten up your LR to avoid those 11/26 sections.

Also for anyone reading this in the future, the LSAT is going back to two LR sections aug 2024, so ignore all of the above regarding which LRs are real or not.