Which one of the following statements, if true, would most seriously undermine the author's suggestion about the use ...

MorganBunch on January 10 at 08:22PM

I'm struggling to understand why B is the correct answer.

In the third paragraph, the author literally says that the psychologist can predict patterns for individuals or groups of people. How does this undermine the argument when its stated that they can predict patterns of inferential error in individuals or groups of people?

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Emil-Kunkin on January 18 at 06:19PM

I can predict the ravens beat the niners 24-19 in the Super Bowl. I can predict that trump falls just short of 50 percent in the NH primary. Predictions are just that, predictions. B tells us that one set of predictions are more accurate than others. If the predictions that apply to groups tend to be less accurate than those that apply to individuals, then this undermines the usefulness of these predictions when they apply to groups. Since the authors suggestion is predicated on these predictions being useful, them being unreliable weakens the suggestion.