Which one of the following describes four transfers of workpieces that could all occur together at the beginning of a...

Narinka on March 6 at 01:35AM

after watching the video it says J has to be on Wednesday.

I do not understand why J has to be on Wednesday and not placed on Tuesday. Can't we have J on Wednesday, M Tuesday, K Monday and L Thursday. This still works without having J on Wednesday.

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Emil-Kunkin on March 6 at 02:34PM

I'm not sure if I'm exactly understanding your question. Each of the four workpieces are worked on each day. That is, J must go on both Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a really miserable game, but I think it's easiest to think of it as follows

1 _ _ _ _
2_ _ _ _
3_ _ _ _
4_ _ _ _

Where every day has all four of the people working.