Which one of the following could be an accurate matching of reports to their segments, with the reports listed in ord...

ZoeH on April 15 at 09:36PM

I-W Rule?

If the game is split into two segments... then does the order of I W matter if they are not in the same segment? I am confused as to what in the wording determines that W can be first in second segment even if I is last in the first segment in this answer choice

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ZoeH on April 15 at 09:38PM

I meant for this question to go under Q5, my apologizes

Emil-Kunkin on April 18 at 12:57PM

It does not. We just don't know about the relative length of the two segments beyond what we can infer from S and N. If S is last we know that it can't be longer than anything in the other segment, and similar for N, but if I and W are in different segments we really can't tell anything about their relative lengths.