A computer game publisher has recently released its latest adventure game. The game's inventive puzzles and compellin...

tselimovic on February 5, 2015


Could you please explain what makes (B) correct?

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Naz on February 11, 2015

Conclusion: "soon sales of the game will also exceed expectations."

Why? We are told that a computer game publisher has recently released a game that hooks even casual players to become preoccupied with completing it. The game can be purchased or rented for two-day intervals. The publisher offers a rebate that is equal to one two-day rental interval, which would save them a significant portion of the purchase price. We know that the rate of sales now meet expectations and rentals are exceeding expectations.

So, let's think about this. The rental of the game is for two days. We also know that this game is such that even those who are casual players really want to complete it. We know that the rate of the rentals are exceeding expectations and that the publisher is offering a rebate, which is the cost of a two-day rental, that will save players a significant portion of the purchase.

Therefore, if answer choice (B) were true: "It takes several weeks for most players to complete the game," then these people who are contributing to the rising rates of rentals will have more incentive to purchase the course because the two days of their rental is not enough time to complete the game.

Since the rate of the rentals are going up, then more people are renting, and these people will want to complete the game. This raises the probability that those who are renting could possibly purchase the course once their rental is done, especially since the publishers are offering a rebate that would allow these players to save a lot of money.

Thus, answer choice (B) justifies the publisher's prediction.

Hope that clears things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.