Information in the passage suggests that the author would most likely regard which one of the following as LEAST impo...

Sangwook on May 8, 2015


I eliminated choice (c), (d),and (e) on the basis of 4th paragraph. I narrowed down to both (a) and (b). Although I do understand choice (b) is not mentioned on the passage, I do not clearly understand whether (a) is mentioned on the passage either implicitly or explicitly. Please, explain why (a) can't be the answer. Thanks,

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Melody on May 9, 2015

We are looking for the answer choice that the author of the passage would find LEAST important in future research on neurogenesis.

Answer choice (A) discusses research on possible similarities between the neurological structures of humans and canaries. We know from the last paragraph that the findings in canaries may "help uncover a mechanism that would enable the human brain to repair itself through neurogenesis." So, comparing the canaries neurological structures with a human's would be helpful in uncovering more information about neurogenesis in humans and in determining whether humans have similar capacities as canaries in this field.

Answer choice (B) is completely irrelevant because the ratio of brain weight to body weight in canaries to humans would not help in our further understanding of neurogenesis in humans, merely it would tell us what the ratio is between canaries and humans with regards to their brains and bodies. We do not know how the bodies of canaries have anything to do with neurogenesis. We only know that their brains grow accordingly. There is no information on their bodies. Thus, this information is not helpful to us.

Learning whether the actual neurological structures of humans and canaries are similar, i.e. answer choice (A), is much more helpful. Thus, answer choice (B) is the correct answer since it is LEAST important in future research on neurogenesis in humans.

Hope that clears things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Sangwook on May 13, 2015

Thanks a lot!!!^^