Based on the information in the passage, it can be inferred that which one of the following would most logically begi...

Batman on May 14, 2015


Could you please explain why (B) is the answer? I thought (b) could logically begin immediately after the passage until I read "Critic might...or public act;" But, I can't understand why the next phrase, "thus medicine...used for good or ill" , is treated as logically possible next paragraph of the passage. What is "good or ill" about? Thanks,

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Naz on May 14, 2015

We are asked to choose the answer choice that would most logically begin a paragraph immediately following the passage. Well what was the last paragraph about?

The last paragraph explains that claiming to be a professional is an ethical act because it is not a silent or private act, rather it is something that is public since it is a promise to a way of life and It is an activity that is in service to a higher good that insists on devotion. The paragraph ends suggesting that a profession involves one's "character and heart" and not just one's "mind and hands."

Answer choice (B) could logically begin the next paragraph because it touches upon everything discussed in the last paragraph.

It states: "Critics might argue that being a doctor, for example, requires no ethical or public act." Well, the author just discussed how claiming to be a professional is an ethical act because it is an act that is "articulated and public." Answer choice (B) goes on to say: "thus medicine, as such, is morally neutral, does not bind character and can be used for good or ill." This is clearly discussed in the last paragraph on lines 63-64: "because it is an activity in service to some high good that insists on devotion," i.e. it is not morally neutral and it is used for good, and on lines 65-67: "a profession engages one's character and heart, not merely one's mind and hands," i.e. it does bind character.

None of the other answer choices touch upon everything discussed in the last paragraph. Clearly answer choice (B) leads us into a criticism of the ideas discussed in the last paragraph. Therefore, answer choice (B) could logically begin a paragraph that immediately followed the passage.

Hope that clears things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Batman on May 17, 2015

Wow!!! Thanks a lot!!!^^