Which one of the following must be true about any acceptable product code?

maliqk on June 10, 2015


I see in the video explanation that question 2 built off the basis of question 1. When I solved each of them I did not relate them at all. Do all logic game questions under one section (i.e. Questions 1-5 in Game 1) have a correlating relationship?

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Naz on June 12, 2015

So, it is very important to always write out your work for each question so that you can refer back to it, i.e. "your previous work," during each successive question.

Not all logic game questions make use of your previous work, however, often they do. Taking advantage of your previous work will help you save a large amount of time in each game.

Great question! Hope that clears things up. Please let us know if you have any other questions.