Most economists believe that reducing the price of any product generally stimulates demand for it. However, most wine...

Lily on August 10, 2013

Demand of domestic vs imported wine

I get this LR question, why the wrong answer choices are wrong and its answer is right ... However, I have two related questions about this game and LSAT in general: 1) Is the word "compatible" a conditional? I don't think so ... Right? 2) Can you please spell out how the "zero-sum market" relates to this question and, furthermore, how it tends to appear on the LSAT? Gain - loss = 0 with all having equal shares? Technical note: with new version, one cannot see the blue circular icon for a "new message" on the bottom right hand corner! ;)

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Naz on August 13, 2013

You are correct. The word "compatible" does not a conditional statement make.

Remember that our knowledge for each question in limited to what is presented to us in the stimulus. The stimulus never mentions a "zero-sum market." It's very dangerous to bring in your real-world knowledge into your LSAT-world. A zero-sum market is not discussed in the stimulus, and therefore it does not relate to the question.

We are aware of the icon not appearing right now. The functionality is still there, you just click on the same spot it used to be. We will be fixing it soon. Thanks for posting!

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!