This year a flood devastated a small river town. Hollyville, also a river town, responded with an outpouring of aid i...

KhoalaBear on July 21, 2015


Can you explain why D is correct and not A?

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Naz on July 23, 2015

Hollyville brought aid to another river town that was flooded this year. The argument states that this reaction by Hollyville, i.e. the number of Hollyville residents that participated in the aid, far surpassed the aid they gave a few years ago to the victims of an earthquake. We know that last year, so in between the earthquake of a few years ago and the newly flooded city of this year, Hollyville was hit by a deadly tornado.

As you can see, before Hollyville had experiences a disaster, they did not show as much aid as they did after they had also experienced devastation at the hands of disaster.

This is exactly what answer choice (D) is illustrating: "Once disaster has struck them, people are more likely to aid others in need than they were before the disaster."

Answer choice (A) is not applicable because we never discussed the difference between Hollyville supplying aid to people that they know v. strangers.

Hope that clears things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.