If Irises is immediately before Gardenias, which one of the following could be true?

rolltribe on September 7, 2015

Poor Instruction, Very Disappointed.

I'm sorry but how could you rationalize NOT taking the extra 15 seconds to show why E is the correct answer???? We didn't pay a lot of money for our instructors to zip through their explanations. When you eliminate A B C and D you can't just say: "oh guess that means E MUST be right, let's move on!" and not even bother to explain to the thousands of students who most likely need help understanding exactly why E is correct. This happens too often...

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Naz on September 9, 2015

I'm sorry you're frustrated. I understand. We can use rule #5 to have F be first, then we place H second and M third to make our chain look like so: FHMLIGK. As you can see, M can be third with the limitations given to us in question 7.

Hope that helps!