Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate description of the order in which the films are shown at ...

mrivers on September 16, 2015

Confused About All Answers

While going through the sequence, I'm confused about how any of the answers could be correct. For this question, the correct answer is "C", but that answer appears to violate the Saturday condition. There shouldn't be any films shown after and in option C, there is a film shown after. Is there a mistake in the write-up or am I completely overlooking something obvious?

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Naz on September 18, 2015

The third rule that you are referring to states: "On Saturday either G or H, but not both, is shown, and no film is shown after it on that day."

In answer choice (C), Saturday is showing "L" first and then "G." There is no other film being shown after "G" on Saturday, therefore, no rule is being violated.

Remember, it's not that whenever "G" or "H" is shown there is no film shown afterwards. It is that when one of "G" or "H" is shown ON SATURDAY there are no films shown afterwards.

Hope that clears things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

aundreianelson13 on July 18, 2018

I'm confused as well. I can't get past the first part

Mehran on July 20, 2018

What is confusing you? Have you watched the video explanations?

If you have and you are still confused, please feel free to clarify your question and we are happy to help.