The passage explicitly states that which one of the following was intended as a consequence of the constitutional pro...

stormbeeler on September 17, 2015

Why A and E are wrong

C is clearly outlined, but I had a hard time ruling out A and E. I thought that line 20 defined the property right and that and 22 mentioning of self government supported E. Is E wrong because of the word clarification? Thanks.

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Naz on September 29, 2015

Remember to focus on the task that the question has given you as opposed what is mentioned at one point or other in the passage.

The question asks what was the intent of the constitutional protection of aboriginal rights? It is stated very clearly in lines 29-31 that "The INTENT of the constitutional protection is to recognize only long-standing traditional customs, not those of recent origin."

The passage never indicated that the constitutional protection of the aboriginal rights were not intended to define the type of property rights that apply to aboriginal societies, as is stated in answer choice (A). Just because the constitution defines aboriginal rights, does not mean that that is the intention of the constitution. Similarly, answer choice (E) merely describes one aspect of the definition of aboriginal rights by the constitution, as opposed to describing the intent of the constitution.

Hope that helps clear things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

sharpen7 on November 10, 2017

Thank you!