Which one of the following, if substituted for the constraint that the house in Riverton must be shown either first o...

Batman on September 29, 2015


Could you please explain why the rest of the answer choices were wrong? Especially, (C) seems very attractive to me. Yes, I was trapped by (C). Thanks,

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Naz on October 2, 2015

Regarding answer choice (C): Just because V must be shown either third or fourth does not mean that R is going to be first or second, which is what we need to replace rule number one. In this sense, we could have V 4th and R 5th, showing us that (C) doesn't give us the same effect on the order.

Regarding answer choice (D): We can use our previous work from question 9 here. As you can see, it is possible in this scenario (using our old rules) for 1: S, 2: R, 3: V, 4:Q, 5: T. But, if we replace answer choice (D) with rule number 1, we can no longer have this be a viable scenario since R and Q must be next to one another.

Regarding answer choice (E): So if T is not shown fifth, then it is shown first. So if (E) is followed, when T is not 5th, we would have 1:T, then 2: R (since T must immediately be shown before R, according to the rule in (E)). But, what about when T is fifth? What do we know about R? Nothing. So, we could technically follow (E) and rules 2-4 and have: 1:S, 2:V, 3:Q, 4:R, 5:T. So, in this scenario we are not breaking any rules having R 4th, but this does not give us the same effect on the order as before.

Thus, answer choice C, D, and E are wrong.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Batman on October 5, 2015

Thanks a lot!!!^^

zacdon81 on June 16, 2020

Regarding answer choice C, in the explanation, I do not see why having V 4th and R 5th can work. Can someone explain how this will work and therefor, cause C to be incorrect? Thanks!

Remi on September 4, 2021

question, in my set up, is there a way I could have deduced that V could only be 4th or 5th?

Ravi on February 5, 2022

C still leaves open the possibility for R to be last, and in the original rules, V can only go 3rd or 4th. @zacdon81, the issue is that R can go 4th or 5th with C (I believe there was a typo in the original explanation). This leads to scenarios not present with our initial rules, so we can get rid of this choice.