It can be inferred from the passages that the author of passage A and the author of passage B would accept which one ...

Theresaturner on October 2, 2015


Can you please identify the lines in the passage that support this answer.

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Naz on October 27, 2015

The lines that back up answer choice (D) in passage A are line 7-11. We are told that Frisch discovered a pattern in the dance of the honeybee. Frisch and his colleagues were able to see the dance, decipher it and thereby deduce the location of the food source that the bee had discovered. Even though they still didn't know the precise mechanism use to transit this information, that there was a pattern in the dance of the honey bee led to scientists later, like Wenner and Esch, to continue studying the dance and finding out further information.

Lines 49-52 in passage B back up answer choice (D). The lines states that he was the "first to crack the code" of the dance and that it symbolically represented distance, direction and the quality of the discovered food. Again, later studies used this information to expound on their understanding of the dance of the honeybee.

Thus, both passages would definitely agree that Frisch's work was instrumental in answering fundamental questions about how honeybees communicate, since his work spurred on later research that yielded these answers.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.