It is difficult to grow cacti in a humid climate. It is difficult to raise orange trees in a cold climate. In most pa...

Lily on August 30, 2013

Cacti and oranges

Ok I get ur explanation ... But I need help understanding this: 1country -most- ~DC (~H) or ~Do (~C) => DC & DO -some- 1country And since half is some - because most is more than half- then this is correct, right?!

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Naz on August 31, 2013

Remember, quantifier sentences do not have contrapositives. Therefore, you cannot negate and reverse like we do for Sufficient & Necessary statements. We can write out the last sentence:

Certain Country-MOST-not DC or not DO

You can switch the variables and make the MOST into a SOME.

not DC or not DO-SOME-Certain Country

(A) is the answer because if it is true that half of the country is both humid and cold, then it would also be true that in half of the country is DC and DO. The definition of MOST is more than half.

Therefore, if (A) is true, then it can't be true that in most parts of the country, it is either easy to grow cacti or easy to raise orange trees.

Remember some is not necessarily half. The definition of some is "at least one possibly all." So some could be half but it doesn't have to be.

Hope this clears things up! Let me know if you have any more questions!