Public policy dictates the health risks the public routinely takes. Statistical arguments about health risks are used...

Advaith on November 4, 2015

Why is b incorrect

Could you please explain A and B?

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Mehran on November 9, 2015

Thanks for your question. The stimulus argues that statistical arguments "are used primarily to deflect public fears, while contributing little to public debate." The example given in the stimulus relates to stats re: wearing seat belts, which deflect public attention away Sent from my iPad (and important) public policy discussion re: our reliance on automobiles.

Likewise, the example given in answer choice (A) relates to statistics that deflect public attention away from a larger (and important) public policy discussion--in this case, re: energy conservation vs. nuclear energy.

There is no issue that is being overlooked or deflected as a result of the statistical example in answer choice (B). Thus, this answer choice does not function in a manner parallel to the stimulus.

Hope this helps!