Rosen: One cannot prepare a good meal from bad food, produce good food from bad soil, maintain good soil without g...

Theresaturner on November 18, 2015


Can you please explain why A is the correct answer.

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Mehran on November 21, 2015

Hi @Thersaturner, thanks for your question. This is a Must Be True logical reasoning question. The question stem asks us to identify which statement can be properly inferred (or concluded) from the stimulus. Let's look closely, then, at the stimulus first.

This stimulus identifies a number of necessary conditions for the production of a good meal:

1. Good food, which in turn requires

2. Good soil, which in turn requires

3. Good farming, which in turn requires

4. A culture that places value on the proper maintenance of all its natural resources.

In other words, the creation of good meals depends on (requires) both natural and cultural conditions. That is answer choice (A).

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.